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Welcome to vitaton.com.my.

We are dedicated to provide high quality mineral water.


Company Profile E-mail

VITATON (M) SDN BHD formed in Malaysia in 1991 with the idea of producing water based products, namely mineral water, cooling water, carbonated fruity flavoured drinks and other value added beverages.  The company has a very high perspective on water                 based products, based on the fact that there is a global shortage of clean and healthy water.  

 Vitaton is a member of Bottled Water Association (ABWA) and is recognized as one of the prominent producer of Natural Mineral Water in Malaysia with standard comply with CODEX standard set by European Regional and Malaysia Health Ministry's Standard, HACCP, GMP & HALAL Certified.


Objectives of the Company

To play an important role in the National Development Plan by actively participating in the National Beverage   Manufacturing Section.


Equip with up-to-date manufacturing skills and technology in this field at all times so as to keep pace with advance modernization.


To produce the best quality mineral water and other water based products so as to promote good health to our fellow human beings.


Foundation for the Future.
Like any other commercial organisation, the company is diversifically based in economical activities, which is in conjunction with Malaysia’s new modernisation economic policy. In so doing, the company will always endeavour to explore new frontiers, both internally and externally, it is now poised for further growth and is ready to play an even greater role in the economic development of the country.

Hydrogeological Information

The source of the mineral water is located at Lot 5043, Kg. Sompo, Jalan Setul-Lenggeng, Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus.  The source is situated in the area of approximately elevation 250 feet above the sea level, surrounded by hilly area in the north-eastern and southern parts, with maximum elevation of more than 310m (1000feet), eg. Bt. Kelusau (1222 feet), Bt. Petai (1280 feet) and Bt. Bolat (1383 feet).  The north-western part is dominated by gentler topography with elevation generally below 62m (200 feet). The source is also located at the foot of a hill range which formed a groundwater divide.  The local flow of the groundwater in the area where by the direction to the north judging from the topography of the surrounding area.

The groundwater (mineral water) is flowing into the well from the fractured granite at the depth of 93m (300 feet) to 129m (416 feet) which is the bottom of the well.

The groundwater (mineral water) is obtained from the fractured water bearing granite.  The well was drilled through the slopewash and moderately weathered granite from 0 to 15.5m (50 feet).  From 15.5 to 129m (416 feet – the bottom of the well), very hard jointed granite was encountered.

The surrounding areas of Vitaton’s water source are underlain by various types of Mesozoic age granite, namely fine-grained leucocratic  adamallite, medium-grained granite/adamallite and coarse-grained porphyritic granite/adamallite.  The coarse-grained porphyritic granite/adamallite is the most dominant rock type.  This rock is normally grey to pinkish grey and highly porphyritic.  Irregular pegamite lenses/pods are often associated with this variety.  In places, the quartz dykes/reefs are found in the granite.